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combat martial arts

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

combat martial arts
what are some european martial arts?(hand to hand combat only please)?

Yeah im tired of hearing about only asian martial arts. And every time i say dude think i should go into martial arts i always get the same response dude join Muay thai< karate kung fu etc.. and never do i hear a european one

The most obvious one is boxing, with maybe Savate (French kickboxing) following. Or any number of wrestling styles. THere’s Greco-Roman wrestling, which was actually invented in France in the 19th Century… don’t ask… plus Glima, an Icelandic style, and any number of styles native to Britain, including Cornish (similar to Judo), Backhold (similar to Greco-Roman), and Lancishire (which included submissions). You might als find WWII combatives taught in some places. There’s also Pankration, which has a number of variations of the spelling, but what exists today doesn’t have a direct line to the Olympic sport that the ancient Greeks used. If you include Russia as part of Europe, you also have Sambo, a grappling art resembling Judo, and Systema, a self-defense method used by the military elite. You might also find some people who practice Medieval or Renaissance martial arts, which included empty-hand techniques alongside the weapons arts, but these tend to be a rare bunch. Really, aside from boxing, wrestling, and maybe the Russian martial arts, you’re probably not going to find a lot of these as they’re very rare.

Emin Boztepe’s Combat Martial Arts System_Punching Technique

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