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martial arts books

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

martial arts books

Martial Arts techniques are not just for helping you to defend yourself and for self protection. They are also a uniquely effective way for you get super fit and healthy so you can enjoy a long life. Martin Day has created an Ultimate Fighting Fit program that not only provides you with the best martial arts techniques in the world as used by combat ready soldiers, but he also gives you the secret to achieving a massive increase in your flexibility; in fact he guarantees that you will gain three times more flexibility than you already have, in one evening or you don’t pay anything during the 90 day trial. This one secret alone will change your life and how you feel completely – it will help in keeping your body vitalized, loose and healthy no matter what age you are.

Martin Day is an International Martial Arts, karate and self defense Master holding the rank of 5th Dan Black Belt. He also has over 35 years of experience in mixed martial arts, martial arts pressure points techniques, dynamic and static flexibility training methods. He also spent 20 years in the British Army and is known for his knowledge and ability in devising training techniques and programs that provide a combination of bodyweight core conditioning. He is also the author of three best selling books, DVDs, and videos on fitness, flexibility, endurance, stamina, abs, and core strength training along with men and women’s self-defense and martial arts techniques.

Obviously with this type and amount of experience that Martin will pass on to you, if you want to get supremely fit, healthy and strong that is. You see it’s not just the physical side of training it is also having the correct mindset. If you have this then you will of course be able to achieve great success with all the knowledge that he has put into his Fighting Fit programs and in particular his training video Ultimate Fighting Fit Flexibility Techniques for everyone not just Martial Arts. All ages can benefit from these unique techniques from children to senior citizens. The other good news is that they are family friendly so you can make training a family affair; whereas, the entire family can exercise together to egg each other on and ensure that all members of the family become fit and flexible in a short time.

With these battle proven and martial arts proven techniques, you are guaranteed to achieve more energy, endurance, strength and stamina. As a family member you will not have to leave mom and dad or grandma and grandpa at home when you head out to enjoy a great lifestyle; like visiting friends or going to the park – they will have the energy to come along too!

On his website, Martin states “Do you want to experience confidence and endless energy throbbing through your body?†along with many more proven points – these are some of the many benefits that you will experience when you’re more flexible. He also says “If you don’t want to put up with the terrible feeling of your muscles being tight and restrictive all the time, having no energy, lacking confidence… and you want to recharge yourself with a huge spring in your step and a continual surge of energy and power throughout your total being both physically and mentally then I have just the answer that you have been looking for.â€

So why not make the decision to enjoy your life to its fullness? Well you can and will once you begin working out with Martin Day’s Ultimate Fighting Fit Flexibility Techniques and other Fighting Fit programs that he has developed.

If it’s proof that you are after then there are many success stories and testimonies attributing to the fact that after utilizing these techniques individuals have stated, “I thought I was very flexible until I followed the DVD and now I can go flat in the splits at any angle with no warm up.†Another one… “By following the exercises and stretching routines on his Ultimate Flexibility DVD I am now able to kick higher and more powerfully and I am nearly in full front splits after just a short time. Additionally, I lost nearly ten kilograms in less than a month and I feel so much stronger, fitter, motivated and energized.” and “His Fighting Fit system is so effective and enjoyable and every session I feel that much stronger, fitter and more flexible.”

There are more video testimonials when you log on to Martin’s websites. So don’t be a couch potato, log on now and recharge your life by getting his training programs.

If you are not able to access the internet then just phone 1300 851 401.

About the Author:

About the Author:

Martin Day is a British Army Special Forces Army Physical Fitness Instructor, International Karate, Martial Arts & Self Defense Expert. He is also the author of two international best selling books. For more information go to mixed martial arts , Health Fitness and army physical fitness.

Article Source: ArticlesBase.comYou Don’t Have to be a Student of Martial Art to Learn How to Triple Your Flexibility in One Evening

Martial arts record set in Guinness Book of World Records.

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