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Thursday, October 30th, 2008

martial arts
What martial arts from implements a Bo or Staff?

I want to get into martial arts but especially the kind that uses a Staff. What type of Martial Arts is this?

Okinawan Kobudo uses the bo; many karate systems, especially the ones from Okinawa, will sometimes incorporate it into their training. I believe Isshin-Ryu especially has bo work at black belt level.

Wing Chun Kung Fu uses the staff for certain. Many other kung fu systems will use it as well. It’s a more sure than than karate systems, as kung fu has almost always trained weapons side-by-side, traditionally speaking, with empty-hand techniques.

Kali will also use a long staff sometimes, although they’re better known for short sticks.

Some Western/Medieval martial arts will also use staffs or pole-arms.

Check around for the schools near you, call ‘em up and ask ‘em.

Rediculous gymnastics moves.

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