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martial arts gloves

Sunday, July 26th, 2009

martial arts gloves


Mixed martial arts, or MMA, are a full contact combat sport that began in 1993 with the introduction of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. MMA incorporates fighting techniques of a variety of martial arts forms, including taekwondo, judo, and karate. The original Ultimate Fighting Championship was an “anything goes” type of competition, with few rules and little regard for the competitors’ safety. The beginning years of mixed martial arts competition was considered to be brutal by many, but rules and regulations for the sport have evolved over the years. Even with the additional rules for competition, MMA is still an intense sport that requires immense strength and fierce training.


MMA concentrates on strikes and grappling techniques. Martial arts strikes use either a weapon or body part to execute an attack on an opponent. Mixed martial arts competitors use fist punches, leg and foot kicks, and head butts. Grappling involves gripping and controlling the opponent without the use of strikes. A variety of holds and choke holds are used during MMA competitions.


Mixed martial arts training and competition requires the use of MMA gear and MMA supplies made specifically for this sport. Because of the high risk of injury during both MMA training and competitions, it is critical that the proper equipment is used. MMA gear and supplies can be purchased in sports stores or online. Make sure that you are comfortable with any piece of MMA or any MMA supplies you buy, especially if you buy them online. Return any equipment that does not feel comfortable and fit properly.


There are several manufacturers of MMA gear and supplies. One of the most well-known is Sprawl. Sprawl supplies a complete line of MMA gear and supplies. Sprawl introduced their loose fitting fight shorts in 2002. Sprawl shorts are lightweight and are made to stretch in either two or four directions, giving the competitor freedom to move easily. Sprawl grappling tops are made with Lycra and have vented side panels. The fabric of the Sprawl grappling tops quickly absorbs moisture.


Sprawl MMA gear also includes tee shirts and sweatshirts. Sprawl sweatshirts have wrist and arm zippers that allow the sweatshirt to be removed while wearing gloves. These sweatshirts also have an MP3 pocket for the wearer to store an iPod while training. The pockets in Sprawl sweatshirts are oversized to accommodate gloves.


Grappling gloves, head gear, mouthguards, and footwear are additional MMA gear. Training gear is heavily padded to decrease the risk of injury during practice. Check with your trainer or favorite MMA gear supplier for a full list of recommended equipment.

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