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aikido martial arts

Saturday, February 21st, 2009

aikido martial arts
what is a good martial arts styles to defend against aikido and jiu jitzu?

just wondering, a bit curious my friend is going to take aikido and jiu jitzu classes and i wanna take something to defend against those styles so we can make our crappy home movies.

ANY style that trains realistically.

and it depends on how he trains.

generally aikido schools don’t have good training methodology- ie: they don’t train against a fully resisting opponent, oh like most schools that don’t they have a whole host of excuses so I’m not singling out aikido here- just bad training methodology.

That doesn’t mean your friend doesn’t train at one of the monority of schools that might- but on average they don’t train realistically.

and if you don’t train realistically, against a resisting opponent, you won’t learn to apply them- you won’t be compliant in letting him get the move, so if he didn’t train against someone that was- what makes him think he can do it on you.

same with jiu jitsu- except jiu jitsu schools tend to have more schools that train realistically however there are still those that are bs.

my advice to you would be to find a good sportative art to train in- analyze the rules and find the gaps and weaknesses that are there.

because he is training jiujitsu I would suggest you take a sportative art that incorporates grappling as well- or study it seperately. however if your sole desire is to learn MA to beat your friend, then I suggest you just suck it up and find something you actually enjoy doing. martial arts is for fighting, not for making crappy home movies and interpretive dance routines (aka katas).

just piss him off by NOT bieng compliant with him when he wants to “demonstrate” something on you- if it works, hes learning, if not odds are he either isn’t learning and/or is just inexperienced or he is training at a crappy school.

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